What You Can Do to Increase User Friendly Browsing

One of the most critical aspects of finding success online is making sure that your website is user friendly. This is going to sound pretty harmless but it can be completely unforgiving when you do it wrong. You will know if you’re doing it wrong because your bounce rate is going to be way too high and nobody will spend much time on their site. Get your analytics all set up and then start figuring out what your trouble areas are. You might even hire a person to do a user friendly criteria site audit. The point is that if you want to play ball, you’ll make sure you’re up to par here.

Making your site user friendly means people don’t have to go out of their way. Aside from your content, just getting things done like joining your email list must be fast and involve no work. Part of your responsibility is to make a site that basically is as brain-dead easy to use and even more if you can do it. If you have never done any split testing on your site – shame on you, but seriously, you really need to start doing it. Keep your site free of clutter and make sure that everybody can understand it. There are all sorts of ways that you can make mistakes here. One of the most typical mistakes is to have too many ads. They are all trying to get your visitors to look at them. But the emphasis is on reading your content, and that bring copy elements into the picture. It is important not just to master headlines but to create copy that is easily and quickly scanned. Site users will scan your copy, and how well it’s presented will compel them to click through to other pages and stay on your site. The ease with which site visitors can skim over your site is something so important that there is no way you can focus on it enough.

Content creation and other site elements are danger zones for mistake making, that’s for sure. The side panels or columns are just one good example of this. This is where things that also need to be promoted are going to sit–things like special offers, the opt-in boxes for your subscription list, etc. It is important to make sure you’ve got effective copy here. Just because most other website owners stick to tossing up graphics for eBooks and subscription boxes and leaving it that way does not mean that you should do it as well. Most people are used to these things and have started to ignore them. You can place a smaller box in the side column with smaller font copy and an email field. Use smaller font but not too small, and write something different and compelling.

Keep in mind that a user friendly site is one that contains good usability methods. If you want to ensure your site is meeting the needs of your web users, a digital marketing company such as Wilmington local SEO will be perfect in designing and maintaining your website.