Day: August 23, 2020

Easy Ways To Use Story Elements In Your Articles

Years ago until not all that long ago, many things with online marketing were pretty easy to kill and make money. With changes that were made by Google, article marketing became a completely different landscape, one that changed many things.

It is not really a problem, just something that we have to adapt to as we always do. What you need to do to compensate is to become more aggressive than ever. It is easy to compensate, as these changes just make us try harder and achieve greater things.

Storytelling 101

Storytelling is something that you would assume most marketers would use, but in truth, it is quite underutilized. Understanding the power of stories in marketing is something that most marketers cannot comprehend. Of course,this is all about your marketing and specific areas such as preselling. Just like anything else, you want to avoid focusing too much on any one thing in your marketing. But when you can, you should use a well-told story to make your point rather than trying to write something resembling copy. Just write a story, weave your pre-selling and marketing into it, and see what happens.

Dominating Search Engine

The content, once it is published on your website or blog, now needs to be indexed by the search engines. They’re a couple things you need to do. This is a critical point because you want the engines to know that the origin of the content is your site and nowhere else. One of the best places to get your content noticed is by placing a bookmark on Digg. You can and should also ping it in addition anything else you may do. You won’t have to do this manually if you are using a WordPress platform. Each time that you make a new post, it automatically pings that page.


Now that you understand that stories are useful, you might wonder how to implement them in your own business. The thing to remember is there must be a relevant connection. If you are talking about the need for a backup solution for a computer or hard drive, then your story will be related. A story you could tell regarding hard drive would be about someone that lost all their files in one fell swoop. Because they did not take the time to back up their hard drive, the information was not recoverable. You should then talk about how you could prevent this from occurring. All easy and really more interesting and fun to write about.

To be a better writer, look at what other good writers are doing, and copy their efforts. Some of them are selling what they have to offer, secret strategies that are supposed to work wonders.

You have to practice which means writing, and you have to be willing to fail many times, get feedback and criticism, and then hit it again. To effectively lower the potential learning curve you will face, learn from others that already have success.